Founded as subsidiary company to Kleen-Tex, an international mat production organization with a history of over 23 years in South Africa,  Ktonline brings a world of  products and quality service to you. Our decades of experience as one of South Africa’s foremost mat and carpet manufacturers and suppliers to corporate clients have honed our skills and allowed us to expand into the consumer market. We can now bring all the quality and prestige of a product element directly to you – without the extreme price tag.

ktonline utilises state-of-the-art printing machines and only the finest quality materials, sourced from international suppliers. The raw material for our mats are imported from Asia and carefully woven on-site into durable, premium standard mats and carpets for offices, event functions and homes.  We pride ourselves on being an environmentally conscious company and aim to ensure that our production processes are as clean as possible, and that product materials and packaging are recyclable and green wherever possible


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